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Our Very Smart Kitchens!

What Are Smart Kitchen Appliances?

Ever advancing technologies are changing the way we interact with our homes and the appliances in them.

Technology helps us be more efficient in our daily lives. It also has lots of other benefits that will make our lives easier. Many people might not know what smart appliances can do so when you are ready to replace your appliances, here are some of the benefits that can improve your kitchen, your cooking. and also your appliance safety.

Providing the same ease of use as a gas hob, Samsung's unique Virtual Flame Technology™ uses glowing, flame-like LED lighting to indicate the precise heat level of each cooking zone. Clearly and safely see the heat intensity of the hob through the colour and brightness of the virtual flames - so you know if your pan is gently simmering or on full boil.

Maintenance and Safety

In the past, problems with your appliances may have gone unnoticed until the issue either became bigger, unfixable, or even more dangerous.

Receiving alerts to a problem when an appliance detects a tiny mis-performance can really improve safety and performance.

With most household appliances, the sooner you notice a problem the better.

Many appliance issues aren’t noticed until they became a visible issue. It can be something as big as a gas leak or something small like the refrigerator door was left open...Maybe you closed the oven but forgot to turn it off before heading out to go shopping. You can now get messages and turn off appliances remotely with your phone. Remote diagnostics will notify you about these problems right away when they detect them, and the issue can be sorted out quickly, providing safety and savings in both electricity costs and maintenance.

With Gourmet Vapour Technology™ and simpler control and management, the Samsung Built-in Oven enables professional quality cooking. It cooks using super-heated vapour to create dishes with the perfect balance of taste and texture.

Control Right on Your Phone

All smart appliances can be connected using their mobile applications and controlled through their apps. This can range from controlling your oven’s temperature while you briefly step out of the house or while watching a movie and turning it on or off remotely in case you forgot. You can even brew a morning cup of coffee the way you wanted every morning from the coffee machine!

Smart Refrigerators allow you to control the temperature and humidity settings. Some even take a picture whenever you close your refrigerator door allowing the image of what’s inside to appear on the door. You can see what is currently in your refrigerator while at the supermarket or before you decide to open your fridge (saving energy). These are very helpful ways to use smart appliances with your phone to control your kitchen and make life easier..

Great dishes start from fresh ingredients, which mean preserving food perfectly. The Samsung Chef Collection Refrigerator is designed with insights from world-class chefs. Its Precise Chef Cooling™ and Chef Mode™ enable you to preserve food at its freshest, retaining original flavor and texture.

Quality of Life and Cooking!

Some smart refrigerators can even recommend dishes to cook based on what is inside, saving you from indecisiveness and prevent food from going bad!

The oven has been modified to improve your kitchen experience as well. With the new smart oven, simply place food in the oven to bake, then set it, and forget it. There is no need to be present when the dish is ready to come out. Once the desired bake time has been achieved, the oven goes into warming mode and keeps the food hot until it is ready to serve. Talk about making your life easier with technology!

While some technologies are only in early development, the future is already here.

Of course elements of a smart home may require more investment and getting used to. Others are simple, affordable, and can impact your home life in a really positive way right now.

At Emlyn Kitchens we are a registered Samsung Home Appliances dealer and they are at the absolute forefront of Smart technology for the home.

If you are thinking of updating your kitchen or any of the appliances, please do contact us for a free Kitchen Consultation.


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