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Kitchen Trends - Wood Renaissance

One of the biggest kitchen trends to emerge recently is the return of natural wood, either for the whole kitchen, part of the kitchen or just worktops.

Out of fashion for a while, wood is now enjoying a revival which we love, and to make it even better we have some amazing deals at the moment on our solid wood at Emlyn Kitchens.

Verve Sand Oak and Oxford Blue Shaker

Wood is wonderful for its tactile cosiness and visual warmth, so using timber for your kitchen will instantly create a welcoming feel.

However, when using wood, always consider the practicalities as it can be more high maintenance in wet or hot areas. We suggest opting for hardwearing surfaces such as granite or quartz that are highly resistant to scratches, staining and heat for the cooking and food prep zones.

Inset Cube Woodgrain New England Oak.

Wood works beautifully in both traditional and contemporary kitchens and as with most natural materials, the joy of embracing timber in the kitchen lies in its inherent uniqueness. With real wood it’s impossible to achieve an exact copy – and there lies the richness and personality that will ensure your new kitchen is really special.

Sinc Clonmel Knotty.

The FSC timber that our kitchens are made from is sourced from well managed forests where the cycle of clearing and replanting is ongoing. We also plant ten trees for every one of our kitchen customers and due to the recent terrible, forest fires we are currently working with an amazing partner who plants ten native trees in Australia for each of our customers.

Sand Oak Wood Shaker

So if you are thinking about a new kitchen or kitchen extension, please do contact us for a free, no obligation kitchen consultation.

Or you can always pop in a see us for an initial chat in our kitchen studio in Newcastle Emlyn at 14 Sycamore St.



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