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How To Measure Your Kitchen and Design Checklist

(We wrote this post during lockdown when we couldn't visit our clients and do site surveys, but we felt it was still useful so we have kept it on here.)

One of the things you may want to do when thinking about a new kitchen is measure your space.

Measuring your kitchen for new cabinetry can seem daunting and confusing for most people. If you’re not sure where to begin, we have compiled an easy to follow guide on how to measure your space.


1. Draw an outline of your kitchen in plan view (as seen from above). Don’t worry about making this perfect, a rough outline is all you need here.

2. Mark down any doors, windows, boilers or anything else that needs access in the rough on your outline.

3. This is where the measuring tape comes out! Go around your kitchen and measure it in millimetres bit by bit, from one corner to another for the total wall length, then once again stopping for doors, windows etc and measuring them separately too.

4. Measure the height of your windows from the floor.

5. Measure your ceiling height and take note of any beams.

6. Mark down where all plumbing, gas, electrical and vents are currently.

7. Take a video tour of the room and photos of any key elements that you feel are important. These include boilers, water tanks, water pipes, fuse boxes, staircase, boxing/columns etc. Other details you may also wish to note where the existing sink is located and any gas appliances if you have them.


The following checklist is a great starting point when thinking about a new kitchen. It will also help to make sure that nothing important is left out when discussing your new kitchen.

* Style of kitchen (modern, traditional, shaker?)

* Handles, knobs or no handles? * Glass display cabinets or open shelves? * Deep drawers for pans * Tall cabinets (larders, broom cupboards) * Integrated waste bin * Corner options (carousels, pull-outs, shelves) * Wine racks * Breakfast bar (island or peninsula) * Oven / hob location * Sink / wet area location * Feature pantry * Vegetable baskets * Worktop type (laminate, quartz, granite, acrylic) *Thickness of worktop (20mm, 30mm, 40mm etc.) * Type of splash-back

- Matching worktop

- Glass

- Tiles * Sinks - size, finish & number of sinks * Type of tap - Mixer tap - Boiling tap - Cold filter tap * Oven (how many, size, type) * Range cooker (fuel type) * Combi microwave * Steam oven * Hob (size, fuel type) * Extractor type - Integrated - Feature wall mounted - Island (hanging/venting hob) * Warming drawer * Wine cooler * Refrigeration - Integrated fridge/freezer - USA fridge/freezer * Dishwasher (45cm or 60cm) * Coffee machine * Laundry * Lighting -Under cabinet lights -Plinth lights

* Flooring




* Heating


-Underfloor heating * Colour schemes

Once we have your measurements and requirements we can create a kitchen design for you on our amazingly realistic computer aided design software.

Should you decide to place an order with us, we can organise a site survey and then organise a suitable installation date.

Please do contact us for a chat through your ideas or any other information you may need.



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