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A Guide to Kitchen Worktops

Choosing your new kitchen worktop is an enjoyable process but sometimes it can be hard to know what to go for, there are so many good options out there!

We like to keep things as simple as possible at Emlyn Kitchens and we advise our customers that the most important things to bear in mind are practicality, budget, style and durability.

Below are some of the most popular options we supply:


Quartz worktops are a very popular choice as they are beautiful, practical and require less maintenance than other materials. They are scratch, stain and heat resistant - though not indestructible, so we still recommend using trivets for hot pans and wiping up spills asap.

There are a myriad of stunning colours and finishes to choose from and brands that we work with such as Silestone give a 25 year warranty.


A solid wood worktop will add warmth, homeliness and character to your kitchen and, if well-looked-after, can last you a lifetime. Wood has a welcoming natural rustic beauty with the bonus of being one of the more cost efficient materials. The downside is that they require a high level of care as they do scratch and stain easily. However, it is an option to use a more hard wearing material in your food prep areas and opt for a wooden worktop on your island or dining areas.

Oil your wooden worktop regularly and it will reward you with many years of great service.


Nothing compares to the beauty of a real marble worktop. Although a fairly soft stone, marble is a strong, hard-wearing and very tough material that can take a great deal of use. Marble has been used for both decorative and functional purposes for thousands of years, particularly in Mediterranean countries.

It’s true, you will have to live with the little nuances that come with marble, knocks and scratches and etching, you will need to allow the surface to really settle in and it needs to be sealed.

If you spill a glass of red wine you’ll need to be sure to wipe it up straight away to avoid any lasting damage, you will need to be a little more aware of the surface you’re dealing with or just be happy to let it go if you notice a mark or spot.


Granite is a natural stone that is particularly sought after for its incredible durability as it is heat, scratch and moisture resistant (lighter granites will still need to be sealed). Granite is available in a massive range of colourings, either as a block tone or incorporating stunning natural characteristics such as veins of quartz, mica and feldspar trapped within. There are many beautiful and unique types of granite, the price of these can vary significantly.

Some of the brands that we work with offer a 15 year warranty.


Minerva is a popular choice of solid worktops that is manufactured as a blended acrylic sheet.

Corian and a number of other sheet materials are 100% acrylic and have very similar qualities to Minerva.

Usually your chosen Minerva worktop design can be created by our fitters and they can achieve virtually inconspicuous joints.

Minerva worktops are non porous and heat resistant to an extent but we would recommend that extreme heat is avoided. To prevent heat damage, always use a hot pad or trivet to protect the surface, hot pans, as well as some heat generating appliances may cause damage.

However, a Minerva worktop can be refurbished and repaired, but we do always advise our customers to maintain their worktops as recommended.

Minerva worktops carry a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.


Tristone is another very popular and versatile worktop choice that is often compared to Corian worktops as they share many of the same attributes in every way, but Tristone is less expensive.

Tristone is made from 100% acrylic solid material and is composed of high performance acrylic resin mixed with natural materials, making it extremely practical and long lasting.

It is resistant to water, heat, bacteria and many chemicals and it cleans very easily using ordinary household cleaners and water.

There are three different finishes – matte/satin finish, semi-gloss, and high gloss and there are 20 different colours to choose from.

Although Tristone is a naturally heat resistant material we do recommend that trivets and hot pads are still used to protect the work surface.

All Tristone worktops are backed with a 10 years manufacturers warranty.


Laminate worktops are made of high density chipboard which is then coated with plastic laminate. Currently, they are the most popular choice for worktops in the UK as they are the most affordable option.

Modern laminates have got an increasingly better scorch and scratch record than in days gone by.

Another perk is that you can opt for many different colours and patterns, with patterns being very forgiving on stains. Laminate can also mimic other material such as wood and stone, so if you can’t achieve that granite just yet, laminate can be a good choice.

The material is resistant to liquids and heat up to 180ºC although we always recommend using trivets or hot pads.

If you are thinking about a new kitchen or kitchen extension, please do contact us for a free, no obligation kitchen consultation.

Or you can always pop in a see us for an initial chat in our kitchen studio in Newcastle Emlyn at 14 Sycamore St.



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